Vision Plumbing for Aquamax water heaters

AquaMAX water heaters have been designed to keep your household supplied with steaming hot water all year around.

AquaMAX continues to lead the way in energy mains pressure hot water systems.

They offer a choice of water efficient Gas, Solar & Electric water heaters using the latest technologies. Their water heaters are backed by five and ten year cylinder warranties.

You can always count on AquaMAX to “go the distance”, no matter what the size of your family, because they make water heaters for Aussie demands in Aussie conditions.

As an installation option, Vision Plumbing can install twin temperature delivery. This will give you greater flexibility so you can enjoy the convenience of 65°C hot water in the kitchen and laundry when you need it, while taking comfort in the knowledge that it is safer for kids with bathroom hot water taps at 50°C or lower.

Vision Plumbing is happy to install and support AquaMAX hot water systems.