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Caroma claims to be Australia’s most popular bathroom brand, and can help you to create your ideal bathroom.


For more than 60 years Caroma has offered:

  • a strong manufacturing presence in Australia,
  • a range of market leading product solutions,
  • a serious commitment to environmental sustainability,
  • and much much more.
Caroma is at the very front when it comes to product innovation. The company operates an absolute state-of-the-art research and development centre that focuses on development of the latest water-saving technologies.
introducing the world’s first two-button dual flush toilet system, Caroma has continued to develop world-class toilet suite, urinal and tapware technology.

Caroma’s ongoing dedication to environmentally sustainable design has continued to underpin its commitment to continually researching and developing new technologies to reduce water use in the bathroom, thus setting new standards for water saving in Australia and indeed the rest of the world.