Reliance Worldwide plumbing fittings


In the post-war world of 1949 RMC, the original company now comprising the Reliance Worldwide brand, began designing and manufacturing components for water flow control valves.

Amongst other achievements, RMC pioneered the (at the time radical) move towards pressurised water heating systems in Australia.

Reliance Worldwide today manufactures and distributes a very comprehensive range of copper and brass plumbing products that cover every plumbing application from the meter to the wall.

Their product range includes;

  • Traditional plumbing fittings
  • Water conservation products
  • Backflow prevention devices
  • Pressure & temperature control valves
  • Tap restoration products
  • Metering products
  • Mains connection systems
  • Advanced push fit plumbing systems for PE-X & copper – “Sharkbite”
Reliance Worldwide is today accepted as the industry standard for many of these water flow control devices as a result of the unprecedented performance levels, the reliability and dependability that are recognised by plumbers throughout the world.
One of the recent products released from the Australian arm of Reliance Worldwide is the range of Sharkbite compression plumbing fittings.

These qualities remain at the heart of today’s corporation.
Vision Plumbing uses and recommends brass plumbing devices from Reliance Worldwide.