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Rinnai Australia revolutionised the water heater market in this country during the early 1990′s when the company launched the first fully electronic gas Continuous Flow hot water system.

This innovative system was appropriately named the Rinnai INFINITY because it never ran out of hot water.

Today, their systems are even more sophisticated and are designed with the consideration for the environment using low emission burners, high efficiencies and low flow rates compatible with water saving (WELS) outlets and showers.

In addition to continuous flow gas water heaters, the company also supplies a range of gravity feed and mains pressure electric storage hot water systems and also solar assisted hot water systems with gas or electric boosters.

Rinnai is also a proud supplier of portable and flued gas room heaters, arange of gas log fires and a gas clothes drier that halves the running costs of traditional electric driers with much lower carbon emissions.

Rinnai water temperature controllerYou should also ask Vision Plumbing about the advantages of fitting Rinnai water temperature controllers that allow accurate control of water temperature to ensure household safety.