Excavations and Mini Dingos

Emergency Plumbing Services in Melbourne

Vision Plumbing has equipment to suit a wide range of excavator plumbing works. For heavier work, we can supply both a 5 tonne and a 1.5 tonne Excavator with a well trained operator who is able to do the heavy work while at the same time minimising any unnrea.

emergency plumbing

emergency plumbingFor those jobs where the digging task is smaller, the access is limited or the trenching task is not too heavy, we can also supply a Mini Dingo.

The Dingo is an Australian designed and developed AWD wheeled mini-excavator and trench digger with the operator walking behind the device.

The Mini Dingo offers a tremendous level of flexibility, while still ensuring that the time for your earth moving job is reduced significantly, while still providing the minimum disturbance to your lawn, garden or surrounds.

Let Vision Plumbing handle all of your plumbing excavation and earth moving problems.

We will arrive on time, work quickly and effectively to do the job required, and make sure that any disturbance to your property is kept to an absolute minimum.

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Emergency Plumbing Services in Melbourne