Grease Traps

Grease Trap Set-Up Plumbing Services in Melbourne

dirty grease trap

This is what a dirty grease trap looks like!

A grease trap is an unpleasant component of running most commercial food preparation businesses. It is designed to prevent oil and greases from leaving your kitchen and ending up in the sewage mains.

Purchasing and setting up your grease trap is by no means the end of the story. To be able to ensure that it continues working correctly,  it needs to be washed out and cleaned regularly. A properly configured and located  grease trap will succeed in keeping the nasties out of the way of your clients and customers.

That’s where Vision Plumbing comes into the picture. We have significant expertise in working with commercial kitchens to determine the most appropriate plumbing solutions to enable you to locate a grease trap away from both the kitchen and public access areas whilst ensuring ease of access for pump-out trucks.

In addition, we will be able to advise you about the size and style of grease trap that will adequately suit your business operation.

Regardless of whether you owns a well known local restaurant, are a house owner with a large kitchen facility or perhaps a school administrator, you’re certain to become thrilled with this prices and our services. With us, you can help you to maximise the cost benefit that you’ll achieve in terms of setting up suitable (and acceptable to the licensing authorities)  grease traps that will continue to work correctly.

There’s no job too large or too small we’re not able to handle. We provide free onsite estimations and knowledgeable and friendly commercial plumbers at affordable rates.

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Grease Trap Plumbing Services in Melbourne