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Treatment Plant Plumbing Services in Melbourne

water treatment plant plumbing services

Water Treatment Plant Operations Diagram

Until fairly recently, the only water treatment plants that most of us were aware of were those massive facilities that are designed to handle vast quantities of black and grey water and filter it through a number of  processes until it was suitable for re-use.

The situation has changed in recent years. Nowadays, water treatment plants are available for implementation at a domestic level. Unlike a septic system, the water treatment plant uses aerobic activated sludge technology to treat the water to a high quality, then store it for re-use on gardens and lawns.

Vision Plumbing has personnel with experience in the new and exciting technology that can assist you to get the highest possible benefit from your water supply, particularly in those areas reliant upon rain water as your total source of water supply. With the treatment plant technology, you can effectively double the usefulness of your limited water supply (to say nothing of  being able to supply great vegetables and fruit to feed the family).

We have the expertise to advise you about whether or not a water treatment plant will meet your needs.

Of course, all work we do in this area is done to Australian Standards and  we will work through the necessary Council pproval processes on your behalf.

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Treatment Plant Plumbing Services in Melbourne