Blocked Drains

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In addition to the water being supplied to your home from the mains, you are also most probably responsible for the water leaving your property.

emergency plumbing services - blocked drain

Tree root drain blockage

This may be in the form of stormwater drainage or sewer pipes.

You will normally become aware of blockages in your drains because your waste will no longer clear at the usual rate when you flush the toilet, or outside gullies may overflow.

You may also discover that water hangs in your garden areas around after rain

There will also probably be a noticeable odour.

Private drains/sewers are the responsibility of the owner-occupier and any other properties connected to it.

This responsibility passes on to the responsible authority beyond the point of connection from your property into the public sewer line or stormwater system.

Blocked drains may occur as a result of poor physical condition, damage due to heavy loads on the surface above or normal contents are not being cleared satisfactorily.

  • On  other cases, although their condition may be satisfactory they may have been abused by flushing of disposable nappies or other items that are not to be disposed of in a sewerage system such as plastic bags .
  • Blockage of the pipe work can also result from excessive disposal of cooking fats and oils, and other domestic products and handyman DIY products such as plaster.
  • Tree roots can also be a problem if they are able to enter a broken drain .

Clearing of blocked drains is likely to be an emergency plumbing issue, particularly if your toilet system has blocked up.

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This video gives an overview of some of the sources of blockages in drains (courtesy of Blockbusters Drainage and Plumbing Services, UK)

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