Burst Pipes

Emergency Plumbing Services in Melbourne

A burst pipe can be considered to be an emergency plumbing situation – if not fixed quickly, this problem is likely to result in significant and major damage to both the physical structure and the electrical wiring in your home.

emergency plumbing burst pipe damage

Example of burst pipe damage in ceiling

It’s important to take action immediately you become aware of a burst pipe.

Turn off your water supply at the main tap. You should be able to locate this tap where the water service enters your premises (this is usually at the location of your water meter).

Then immediately contact us at Vision Plumbing Emergency Plumbing Services (toll free) on 1300 724 003 to come and repair the problem. We are specialists in emergency plumbing services and will despatch a specialist to your premises in the shortest possible time.

Once the plumber is on the way, then you should take the following steps to prevent the problem getting any worse:

  • Drain any remaining cold water from your plumbing system. Do this by turning on a number of your cold water taps as well as flushing all of your toilets in order to empty the cisterns.
  • You should switch off the water and energy supply to your hot water system. Once your hot water system has been disconnected from these supplies, you should turn on some of your hot water taps to assist with draining the hot water system thus reducing pressure in these pipes.
  • If water is leaking near your electrical wiring or appliances, then immediately switch off the mains power supply.
  • However, if the mains switch is wet, then do not touch it, or you could risk electrocution! In this case, keep clear of any electrical equipment in the house until the plumber has arrived.
  • Stay safe – if water has been leaking from above for some time and you notice that some of your ceilings are starting to bulge, then it may not be considered safe to enter these rooms.
  • However, if you happen to notice the leak early, you may be able to catch any water drips in some buckets.
  • If you do notice the ceiling starting to bulge, we recommend that you could use a screwdriver or some similar tool to knock through a small hole close to the lowest part of the bulge. This will help water to drain from the ceiling, and reduce the likelihood of collapse of the ceiling.

This video shows a graphic example of the damage that can occur if a burst pipe is ignored and the water damage is allowed to continue without any emergency plumbing support. Don’t let this happen to you:

Remember, for all of your emergency plumbing services in Melbourne (see Regions That We Cover), you need to call Vision Plumbing toll free on 1300 724 003