Water Saving Devices

Water Saving Plumbing Services in Melbourne

water savingFine tuning of your water usage can result in significant water saving every day.

Great possibilities for water saving exist in many plumbing fittings and appliances as as an investment you can often see quick payback periods on all of these products.

Vision Plumbing have selected the key water saving technologies for the best performance and efficiency in urinals, taps, showers and WCs.

Vision Plumbing has carried out retrofit projects in a number of Melbourne’s public venues, offices, hotels, leisure centres and academic facilities. We are also happy to help you with your water saving options in the home environment.

We can now deliver achievable cost benefit solutions in very many different situations, resulting in considerable water savings being achieved in every scenario.

The range of fittings and appliances that can offer you significant water saving include some modern dishwashers that re-use the final rinse water, water diverters that can take rainwater run-off from your roof into water tanks, showers with timers built in, water saving shower heads, a device to fetch the initial run of cold water in a shower for re-use elsewhere, processes for transferring laundry rinse water for garden use, and of course many more.

Given the high (and increasing) user pays cost of water usage, such water saving technologies can have a very rapid payback period, depending on the levels of water consumption.

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Water Saving Plumbing Services in Melbourne