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How times have changed! A few years ago, applications to install rain water tanks in many Melbourne council areas were refused on grounds such as aesthetics and potential for breeding mosquitoes.

Nowadays, the fitting of such water tanks in some new developments is becoming compulsory.

The use of water tanks to supplement the water that is supplied from the mains supply is an area with a number of myths and misunderstandings.

A common misunderstanding is that water tanks need to be emptied and washed through on an annual basis. This is only the situation when the water is being saved for human consumption.

Within Melbourne’s metropolitan area where mains supply is available, there are recommendations that rain water tanks not be used as a source of drinking water due to the possibilities of impurities from the roof run off and in drain pipes, etc.

However, the water from the water tank  is fine to be used for other domestic and garden purposes, including as a source of water supply for hot water systems.

Vision Plumbing is able to advise on appropriate positioning, plumbing and pumping requirements that will meet your water tank storage needs. This advice will include an analysis of likely annual rainfall figures, the likely state of the water stored in the water tank, your domestic and garden water needs and also factors such as filtration requirements if laundry or toilet cistern uses are required.

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Water Tank Plumbing Services in Melbourne