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Your home is often the greatest investment you are ever liable to make. The state of the plumbing on the property is a vital aspect of this investment.

Anybody considering a home purchase – whether a house is totally new or older – should request a plumbing inspection before they sign a purchase contract.

For others who are already in their own special home are advised to also arrange an inspection as a diagnostic and preventative measure.

A typical building inspection does not typically come with an in-depth plumbing analysis. For example, building inspection personnel don’t open plumbing cleanouts. As long as water runs within the taps, the drains empty and the toilets flush, the house will get a pass for plumbing in your house inspection report. These inspectors often don’t have the technical understanding to advise potential home owners whether the household water and gas supply and drainage plumbing in your home is able to pass all of the building codes.

Our licensed plumbers at Vision Plumbing are able to take advantage of very sophisticated diagnostic plumbing technology to talk with home owners about the health of supply pipes, metering and sewer drains and pipes to protect them from pricey future plumbing failures due to existing flaws, problems or defects that may not be revealed within a typical home inspection.

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Drain blockages can occur for very many reasons, and if your plumber is able to find out about both the exact nature of and location of the blockage, then the time required and cost of overcoming the blockage can be significantly reduced.
By making use of a colour video camera and light source attached to a suitable cable, we are able to move along your underground pipes to ensure that we are aware of both the layout and state of your drains.  Read more..

To ensure your safety, to save money and reduce you usage of non-renewable fuels, gas leak recognition simply must not be postponed.
If you’re able to smell a faint odor of gas or if your gas bill appears high, it’s possible that you’ve a leak. If so, this is an emergency plumbing situation.  Read more..

Carbon dioxide seems to be heavily in the news nowadays, and discussions about climate change, global warming, etc tend to give it a bad rap!
However, CO2 is still an important component of many industries, particularly those operating in the food and beverage, oil and chemical sectors.  Read more..

There’s nothing worse than if you have a leak in your plumbing systems – maybe it’s a water leak inside your household water plumbing or perhaps a water or gas leak within your heating system.
Some leaks such as those in the vicinity of a tap or in the drainage plumbing under a sink become obvious almost immediately.  Read more..


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