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Carbon Dioxide – Emergency Plumbing Services in Melbourne

emergency plumbing - CO2 faults

Carbon dioxide seems to be heavily in the news nowadays, and discussions about climate change, global warming, etc tend to give it a bad rap!

However, CO2 is still an important component of many industries, particularly those operating in the food and beverage, oil and chemical sectors.

However, CO2 is of course listed under Australia’s materials safety codes, and is known to have impacts upon people in the workplace exposed to higher than normal dosages of the gas for extended periods of time.

It should be remembered that CO2 is a colourless and odourless gas at lower densities, and being heavier than air, can accumulate in lower regions.

Vision Plumbing offers emergency plumbing services that you should call on if you identify any of the possible symptoms of CO2 exposure in anybody working in an environment where CO2 can accumulate.

The symptoms include increases in breathing rate, laboured breathing, feelings of dizziness or development of headaches. If you feel that you may have an emergency plumbing situation in your workplace involving carbing dioxide, the ring Vision Plumbing on 1300 724 003.

Our personnel have training in dealing with these situations, as well as specialised equipment to enable the detection of high levels of CO2 gases and to trace the source of leakage that has led to the accumulation.

Don’t take worker safety for granted in the case of a CO2 gas problem. Call the emergency plumbing team with the right equipment and knowledge to fix the problem: Vision Plumbing.

You can rely on our Vision Plumbing team to take care of every factor of this task promptly every time.

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