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Have you noticed that the flow of water into your home isn’t what it used to be? Perhaps you have found that if you have more than one or two taps running, the water flow reduces to almost a trickle. Or do you find that if you want to take a shower you first need to go around the house to make sure that every other water using appliance is switched off to avoid getting scalded.

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Old water pipe flow reduction example

If so, then the cause may well be the condition of the piping that runs from your water meter into the house. In previous times, these pipes traditionally were constructed of galvanised steel to provide longevity under your garden and lawn. However, over time a combination of corrosion and a build up of impurities in the water supplied to your house is likely to result in a build up of sludge inside the pipe, thus reducing the space that water has to flow (as can be seen in the photo on the left). This of course results in significantly lower low rates being available within the house that would be expected with fresh and clean supply piping.

Vision Plumbing is more than happy to offer you a service to enable installation of a brand new water supply pipe with minimum disruption to your household.

We do this by making use of specialist trenchless technology techniques.

Our installation features a new 25mm MDPE water service, new stop tap and drain valve within the property.

This really is accomplished utilizing a piercing tool which works inside a hammering action this allow the development of a bore as soil is compressed and displaced rather than being removed.

Holes are dug every 10-15 metres beginning at the exterior stop tap located at your water meter.

This depends upon the subsoil characteristics in your area ( eg.stone, rock, clay or soil). This process is referred to as trenchless technology, otherwise frequently known to as impact moling.

Vision Plumbing offers the tools and expertise to ensure effective repair and renewal of subterranean water supply pipes, particularly to houses like yours.

Each year, a number of our clients take advantage of our professional services supported by fully outfitted and highly experienced tradespeople prepared to cope with every scenario.

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