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New Home Plumbing Services in Melbourne

new home plumbingFor those building their new dream home, Vision Plumbing specialises in supplying new home plumbing services covering a wide range of plumbing tasks such as the installation of drainage, water service, hot water service, gas service, storm water run-off  systems, rain water catching and storage systems, kitchen, bathroom and laundry plumbing.

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We become involved very early in the construction process, with the digging of water supply, storm water and drainage and sewage trenches.

At a later stage, we work in conjunction with electricians and carpenters in the installation of water and gas piping prior to the flooring, roofing and walls being fitted.

We then need to return to the site later in the building process to work on guttering, water storage tanks and pumping requirments as well as fitting the basic fittings that will be needed in wet areas.

Our final visit will generally be at the time that the house is almost ready for occupation to finally fit the taps, connect gas to your hot water system and kitchen appliances and generally carry out the finishing touches to ensure that your new home really is a dream come true.

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We supply and install all of the required plumbing & fittings, and also support all manufacturer warranties following our careful installation of third party appliances. We are also at your call if you have any concerns simply by calling our 24 hour hotline on 1300 724 003.

We supply service work, remodeling, new house plumbing and light commercial plumbing.

We are happy to quote upfront prices before any work starts.

With Vision Plumbing you can expect reliable service at fair rates for new home plumbing.

You can also consider us as a great source for services and repairs of all kinds of plumbing.

We’re at work and you’re simply dealing directly with those who you talk to on the telephone. We are able to explore and assist you to solve your plumbing needs and additions.

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New Home Plumbing Services in Melbourne